Création, aménagement : Zumo - Enseigne vue d'en haut - Hazard Studio
Création, aménagement : Zumo - enseigne ilôt - Hazard Studio
Création, aménagement : Zumo - Vue vendeurs service - hazard Studio
Création, aménagement : Zumo - Vendeuse mise en place - Hazard Studio
Création, aménagement : Zumo - étalage fruits - Hazard Studio

Création, aménagement : Zumo

Hazard Studio was asked to design this smoothie preparation corner for Zumo.


Tailor-made layout for a fruit bar in Paris


Development and layout of a 150 m2 fruit bar (smoothies), in keeping with the codes of the fast-food sector. Alfredo Rodriguez, Architect, created a bespoke layout for this colourful kiosk where you can look forward to a fresh, vitamin-packed break!


This project is an example of what Hazard Studio can design for a dedicated corner within a retail chain.


Hazard Studio can offer you its expertise in developing professional spaces such as corner or pop-up stores. We can also work on individual flats or houses. We can also respond to your requests for other types of professional space such as bars, hotels, galleries, spas, shops, etc. and for any space design request, wherever you are in the world.


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Place : Paris - FRANCE

Area : 150m²