Hazard Studio was born in 2000.
An architectural experience and above all a passion.

My taste for others naturally creates the living fabric that inspires me.
I like to meet you, discuss, understand your needs, your desires and thus establish the links and trust that give meaning to your project.
My vision of architecture always nourishes the same ambition: to interpret your dreams and what you aspire to, to transform them into a tailor-made "object". Drawing my inspiration from Art, Design or Fashion, as well as cultural differences. Thinking light and space, hue and texture as a unique achievement because I am the craftsman.

My work is a story of pluralities: I strive to produce narrative experiences for each of my projects for those who have the audacity to renovate an old building abandoned in the depths of Sicily, as well as to think up a gastronomic setting and sublimate the talent of a Spanish starred chef or transform a modest house in Barcelona into an Ibiza-style holiday villa, create a Japanese restaurant concept that can be exported to all countries, imagine the signature and design of hotels, places dedicated to well-being, innovate in the modeling of galleries, showrooms, shops, corners, pop-ups...
This freedom guarantees unique experiences.
My many experiences in the fashion professions also meet the dynamic requirements of this ecosystem.

My promises: Innovate and develop furniture for you that gives extra soul to a place, integrate project management to facilitate the realization of your projects. Embody timeless creativity and always offer a pragmatic approach.


Hazard Studio by Alfredo Rodriguez

Photo Alfredo Rodriguez - Hazard Studio

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