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Conception : Appartement Poissonnière

Hazard Studio was commissioned to renovate this 75 m2 apartment, originally used as office space in Paris, with a view to turning it into a private home.


Interior design of a former office into a turnkey private apartment in Paris, France


Interior design specialist Alfredo Rodriguez succeeded in modernizing and the existing space into a warm and practical apartment.


This project is an example of what Hazard Studio can do for an individual apartment.


Hazard Studio has extensive experience in renovating and fitting out individual apartments, as in the case of this Poissonnière project. We can also work on individual homes, or respond to your requests for professional spaces such as bars, restaurants, hotels, corners, concept stores, galleries, spas... and for any space design request, wherever you are in the world.


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Place : Paris - FRANCE

Area : 75m²