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Conception : Restaurants Comptoir Breton

Comptoir Breton entrusted Hazard Studio with the design of its restaurant chain.


Design and interior layout of a restaurant chain concept, Paris


Creation of a restaurant chain concept to market Breton products. The interior layout was designed by Alfredo Rodriguez, to promote a simple and accessible conviviality, with the bar as the central element of the 150 m2.


This project is an example of Hazard Studio's professional architecture for a concept restaurant chain.


Hazard Studio has extensive experience of conceptualizing and designing interiors for restaurants. We can also work on individual flats or houses. We also respond to your requests for other types of professional spaces such as bars, hotels, corners, concept stores, galleries, spas, etc. and for any space design request, wherever you are in the world.


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Place : Paris - FRANCE

Area : 150m²